About Chaotic Kumquat

Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer that has been dusted or mixed with gold powder.  I love this concept:  the idea that we may have been broken, but that in lovingly appreciating our flaws, we end up more beautiful than when we began. 

More beautiful than when we began

The longer one lives, the more they accumulate the marks of experience. These marks, whether on the surface or in our psyche, make us more.

That more may not seem beautiful at first, especially to ourselves. In fact, we often see the remnants of past experience as something to hide, or resist.

I’d like to offer an alternative. A way for you to find the marks on your mind, heart, body and soul as not only beautiful, but something that you can cherish. Something for which you can be thankful.

Chaotic Kumquat On A Mission

This blog is about neurodiversity – my own, and the subject in general. It is also about mental illness – and no, one is NOT the other. I am neurodivergent, AND I have a few mental illnesses. Fun, right??

So this blog will be my passion project. It’s purpose, MY purpose, is to create understanding, connection, empathy & compassion. For myself, for others, in service to the idea that everyone has a brain, and no two brains are alike. We ALL have so many things that effect how we experience the world.

So I want to discuss mental illness, mental wellness, and any random thing I feel like writing about. My personal experiences, research I’ve done, and hopefully, stories about other people and how they live their lives with the labels they’ve acquired.

Find a safe place to land here.

Life is messy and gross, sometimes, and painful and stupid and … well, sometimes we need to work harder to understand each other.

If you are someone who does not feel comfortable with society’s norms, I hope you will find community here.

If you are someone who DOES feel comfortable with society’s norms, I hope you will find community here.

Let’s investigate how we work

What makes us tick? HOW do we create the beliefs, emotions, opinions and filters that dictate our experience of ourselves and each other?

Explore and share strategies for living.

Learn how to observe how you think, how your mind processes life through the filters and programs that have been installed in your operating system.

Decide to find whatever beauty and joy that you can.

That doesn’t mean life won’t suck or that you are doing anything wrong if you just feel like shit and can’t find your own way out.

It just means that when you can, you will. You’ll be looking for it, and open to it when it shows up.

Because even though it can sometimes be a challenge to acknowledge:

Life is also so very beautiful.

All the beauty of nature and love and the moon and the stars and friendship and art and video games and really good food …

… and making real connections with people because we chose to be open, and learn, and have compassion.

Life is even about creating something beautiful after we mess up and break things. 

Let’s talk about ALL of that … and not even try to make it seem perfect.

About the Author

Most people call me Maggie. I like that label. It feels good.

I have a lot of labels. One of my favorite is “tree hugger”.

Like everyone, I have had experiences in my life that I thought would end me, and experiences for which I will be eternally grateful. Sometimes they are the same experiences.

Labels, labels, labels

Some of the marks left by my experiences have labels that reference events that have passed through time.

For instance, I am a “survivor”.

That just means that I have seen some shit, y’all, and come out the other side.

Other labels are part of my being. I am Autistic. I am Genderqueer.

These are labels that represent being. I didn’t always know that they applied to me, but they HAVE always applied to me, whether I knew it or not.

And still others hint at what I “do”. I am an Artist, a Writer, a Speaker, etc.

And I have a list of labels that apply to how my brain works.

These are labels that reference things that I “have”. They are only relevant if they help you understand the personal stories I will tell here.

  • Bipolar2
  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • ADHD

Some day, if I can ever get my “executive” to function (ha-ha, ADHD joke), I will have a podcast. I will talk to people and ask them questions about what it is like to be them.

The people that I interview for the podcast and to tell their stories here, will have their own labels, and they will decide whether to share those with you.

And finally, the labels of my professions:

  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Trainer/Speaker
  • Blogger | Writer | Content Creator/Manager
  • Artist