If You Are Neurodivergent You Can Find Compassion, Community and Connection Here

Three years ago, a stranger in a white coat gave me a list of all of the things they thought were “wrong” with me. I asked for it, so I can’t really complain.

I agreed with them at the time – these were things that were WRONG with me and I had gone to a mental health clinic to get help.

I’ve learned a lot since then. The most important thing I’ve learned is that while my mental health challenges and neurodiversity might make living in modern day America more difficult, they are not things that are wrong with me.

In fact, all of them (and the list is not short) are right with me.

Being neurodivergent and living with mental health challenges can make day to day life a bit MORE …

More difficult, more bitter, and even more sweet.

The very best version of me is chaotic, and goes from bitter to sweet often – sometimes so often that it can make things difficult for those who care about me.

So Chaotic Kumquat seemed a perfect way to sum that up, and a perfect title for a site all about that. Not just for me, though.

For US.

For all of us who struggle to understand and have compassion for ourselves and each other. For those that love us, too.

In fact, living with and trying to understand another human being can be hard even when their brains work similarly to our own. Add in one or more people who are neurodivergent and things can be even more challenging.

The challenge, however, is worth it. Loving and understanding each other is at the core of … well, almost everything. From peace on Earth to peace in our hearts, for example.

Belonging, peace, connection, feeling “OK” in our own skin, in our own lives.

If you are one of those people, who want those things but maybe have a challenge or two finding them, then you have found community, and connection, and compassion … and hopefully, understanding.

This site is FOR you.

Is your brain different from the “norm”?

I know – that is a loaded question. What one individual matches something that is so very difficult to pin down anyway?

So I’ll answer for you: Yes, your brain IS different from the norm.

The real question, I believe, is does that difference present challenges to living a happy, fulfilling life in our society?

If so, please, join the conversation. I want to tell your story. I want to help someone else understand you, and themselves.

Let’s really do the work to understand each other, create community, and have compassion and empathy for our fellow human beans. 😉